EDUCATION is the basis for improving our life and sustainable development. Therefore, access to quality education must be universal.
A commitment to education for development and sustainable life implies fundamental aspects such as human rights, gender equality, environmental protection, valuing diversity and a culture of peace and nonviolence.
We must also guarantee universal access to HEALTH: sexual and reproductive, family planning and non-discriminatory access to information and health education for everyone. These efforts need to be complemented with a commitment to disease prevention and care.
We understand the right to FOOD as one of the most basic needs for the development of people’s lives and rights. It is essential to eat with dignity. People must be able to freely choose and obtain their food from natural sources, that are physically and economically accessible and appropriate to their needs.
Guarantee a decent and adequate HOUSING for people and communities, taking advantage and respecting the resources and knowledge of their natural and human environment.
In Green Pedal we work to respond to many of these needs through the employees and infrastructure (schools and health centers) of the ESMABAMA counterpart that has been committed to guaranteeing basic services to a large part of the rural population of the Sofala province (Mozambique) for more than 20 years.

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