Green Pedal’s 2020 Annual Report

Annual Report

With these words, we introduce you to Green Pedal Report 2020.

We’re aware of that we’re not the only one who felt the last year so challenging, but our commitment to help farming families and beneficiaries has been a really difficult task.

Fortunately, thanks to those who trust in encouraging a sustainable development offered us their support, we were able to go ahead. Thanks to your collaboration, Green Pedal has achieved growth and professionalization as an organization.

In our report 2020, you’ll find the details of our projects: the achievements developed in the last months in Mozambique and the number of people who has participated in the projects. You’ll know about the number of beneficiaries from School of Peace, Agricultural Association and the Clean Energies Projects. Even more considerable, you’ll meet Agostinho, Lúcia, and Noé. We’ve already introduced them to you on our social media during the last year, but, in this opportunity, they’re in our Report telling you what Green Pedal means to their lives.

Solar sistem Green Pedal

Sustainable local food systems: the key to eradicate poverty and social inequality

We have plenty of good reasons to leave 2020 behind, but farming families will remember it as an exceptional year of harvesting. Thanks to Water Pump Bike Project and Solar-powered Irrigation System Project, they had access to water during the whole year –even in the drought season.

Those projects  allowed them recollecting more than 41,000 pounds of vegetables. We helped them to have a good and proper nutrition as well as earn profits from the sales. We’re much closed to obtain some of Sustainable Development Goals.

We support women

In 2020, 57% of the beneficiaries of Green Pedal were women. We encourage the development of women. We work hard to give women tools, trainings and equal opportunities. African women not only reclaim them, but they need them.

In 2020, our projects helped more than 150 women. The role of women is essential to improve their family life. Improving the condition of African farming women is one of our pillars and the driving force to keep working as hard as we do.

Looking into the future

In our School of Peace, almost 100 girls have access to education to have a brighter future. They’re not  the only ones; Green Pedal has assisted more than 600 children. Thanks to the projects, we’re able to support the most vulnerable part of the society: children.

As a consequence of the global health emergency, schools from Mozambique were forced to close. Millions of children not only lost the access of education, but also the access to food. To deal with this situation, volunteers from School of Peace visited every child in their house to ensure them those schools supplies as well as health supplies.

The results of 2020 would make you feel overwhelming, but you must know that behind each number, statistic or percentage there’s a person, there’s a family for whom we have been working intensively and we did it thanks to you. We really appreciate your trust in our projects.

Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to keep growing and making what we love most: helping.

Your collaboration is essential to  eradicate poverty, hunger and social inequality.If you’re not yet part of Green Pedal, you still have time. Be the hope of several families who want to eradicate poverty and the climate change. Help us to keep pursuing this path. Let’s give them a promising future.