Alternative food systems that ensure sustainable production, distribution and marketing of food. That they establish a new way of relating, of a structural nature. Through resilient agricultural and non-agricultural practices that improve productivity, production and, in turn, contribute to ecosystem maintenance.
A look and commitment to agroecological practices: organic, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, association of crops (trees, beans, vegetables) … that meet and adapt the needs of people at each level.
A peasant system in the hands of peasants, that ensures equitable and secure access to land, that has productive resources, that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and knowledge, that provides financial means and facilitates access to nearby markets.
And an approach based on autonomy and local systems of production and consumption, which maintains the diversity of seeds and cultivated plants as well as a responsibility in what we consume.
In Green Pedal we support and promote projects in rural communities of the province of Sofala that through agriculture improve access to sustainable sources of food and income.

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