Family Farming

We work for farming families. They are the center of all our actions.

Every day 820 million people go hungry. Inequality is on the rise with the poorest and most marginalized falling further behind. Small scale subsistence farmers are among the poorest. Many times, they are stuck in annual cycles of food insecurity, malnutrition and hunger because they lack the resource and means to produce enough food to feed their families.

Farmer Families

Mozambique, more than 70% of poor households are in rural areas. Family-based agriculture is the main source of food and income, but production and productivity are low. Plots of land are owned by families and farmed together combining economic, environmental, social and cultural functions.

Every year farming families struggle to produce enough to cover the basic food needs of their homes, but they don’t always succeed. They practice subsistence agriculture that depends on rainwater. In times of drought women and sometimes children must walk great distances to collect water for their crops.

But as Green Pedal we believe that there is hope and focus on the potential of family farming to secure local food systems, caring for land, seeds and water. We respect local cultures, knowledge and traditions while we stay in harmony with nature.

We place family farms at the center of our actions empowering families to foster food security, improve their farming skills and keep kids in school. This is our firm commitment to sustainable development and the end of hunger and poverty.