Our Sustainable Model

Food Security and Nutrition

The causes of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition are complex. Poverty, climate change, armed conflicts or economic crisis cause more than 800 million people worldwide to go hungry every year. There is no simple solution for hunger.

That is why at Green Pedal we are committed to a comprehensive, long-term model of family farming that ends poverty, hunger and malnutrition. We support sustainable local food systems that contribute to food sovereignty of local communities.

What we do:

  • Credits: families can take microcredits for seeds, organic fertilizers, plowing service or our low-cost irrigation systems (water pump bikes). Once the agricultural season is over, Green Pedal offers farmers a flexible payment system that allows families to repay their loans.
  • Distribution: We purchase agricultural supplies and irrigation materials that our farmers ordered in the closest cities and bring them to rural communities.
  • Installation: We build sustainable irrigation systems. We install Water Pump Bikes on family farms and Solar Irrigation Systems on plots shared by our agricultural cooperatives. Our technical field team receives the material and builds and installs clean energy systems for the community.
  • Technical Assistance: During the agricultural season our local technical team trains families to improve their farming techniques and how to use and maintain their irrigation systems.
  • Markets70% of the vegetables produced are sold in local markets and the remaining 30% are used for self-consumption. The income earned allows families to pay for their children’s education, cover health expenses and buy more food.

The circle is complete when our farmers repay their microcredits, allowing us to support new family farms.

It is essential for us to provide each of these services together to ensure the sustainability of our program and guarantee success in improving food security and nutrition and eradicating hunger.