An agricultural tool for sustainable fields

Written by Julieta F.

In Green Pedal, one of our pillars is to protect the land, water, seeds… That’s why we want to tell you about an effective water-saving technique used in agriculture to improve the crop field. The practice of applying mulch is an ancient technique that forms a protective layer around the plant. It is beneficial for plant health while it is creating a microclimate around the plant root zone.

Mulching is a process of covering the soil to make more favorable conditions for plant growth. It serves initially to heat the ground, helping to keep the heat that is lost during the night. This encourages early planting and transplanting of some crops to have faster growth. As the season progresses, the mulch stabilizes the soil temperature and humidity. As the sunlight does not penetrate, it prevents the germination of weed seeds.

Mulching with organic materials increases the soil nutrients, maintains the optimum soil temperature, restricts the rate of evaporation from the soil surface, restricts weed growth, and prevents soil erosion. It improves the all properties of soil like physical, chemical, and biological. These organic matters are beneficial for the growth of earthworms and soil microorganisms it is also the food of these beneficial microorganisms. Organic mulches have also some advantageous properties like it has environment-friendly and adds beneficial nutrients to the soil. It could maintain the soil moisture, and increase water use efficiency. It increases the production but also produces quality fruits. With the conservation of soil and water, the increase in yield also achieved to the extent of more than 50 percent.

Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy plant. It was nature’s idea first, and we’re just supporting it. Green Pedal chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices. Follow us on social media to learn more about our projects!

Drop a bit of mulch in your own garden and be prepared to be amazed at the transformation of your flowers and vegetables! Your garden will be bountiful and lusciously green!