Context and Problem

Schools of Peace is a social initiative that offers comprehensive care to orphaned and vulnerable children, with the aim of guaranteeing them a more dignified future. It is formed by a group of young volunteers from the Chibabava district, who has been taking care of and following the evolution and development of these children who live in extremely vulnerable conditions.

The majority of beneficiary children are orphans, who have lost one or both parents, leaving them without access to education, health, food, a place to sleep or no clothes to dress. Many of them face chronic diseases, sexual abuse, early marriages, forced labor and in the case of girls, early pregnancies.

There are currently 5 Schools located in the towns of Manguenhe, Revué, Toronga, Daca and Mangunde, places, where the Schools for Peace team (activists) holds meetings with children in the surrounding area.

They live in a radius of less than 70 km and are mostly between 5 and 14 years old. Some have found a home with their grandparents. The situation of these children is critical because they face shortage of food, clothing, school supplies, do not have a place to sleep or can afford health services. Many of the grandparents with whom they live are elderly with in fragile health and with little strength to raise their grandchildren. The majority of children work on the family’s field, fetch water, prepare meals or search firewood all day.


The objective of this initiative is to improve the living conditions of at least 160 children in the four towns of the Chibabava district. Thanks to the collaboration with the local counterpart that works from the Mangunde Mission, the team can guarantee access to the most basic needs such as education, health, food, clothing or a save bed. An orphan or vulnerable child should live and grow in peace at all levels, regardless of their circumstances.

Our Impact


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