Water Pump Bikes

Specially adapted bikes that create a manual water pump for farm irrigation, simply by pedaling. The water pump bikes provide permanent access to irrigation water helping low income families. The idea behind the water pump bike was to make getting water more efficient, so more time could be spent on the crops.

Green Pedal partners with the local community to construct the Water Pump Bikes. After construction, they then install the water pump bike for beneficiary families in Sofala’s Chibabava & Buzi districts where poverty, food insecurity and hunger are at the most staggering in Mozambique. Families can than irrigate their fields throughout the year helping them grow food for their own consumption and source of income.


Our Impact


Water Pump Bikes installed


Families benefited


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Geolocation of your support!

Every time you help install a new Water Pump Bike in a rural community in Mozambique, we automatically incorporate: the exact location and photograph with your name into Google Maps.