School Food

This project aims to ensure and diversify a healthy diet of more than 2,200 children in rural communities in the province of Sofala.

These children study in rural schools managed by our local partner ESMABAMA and live, throughout the school year in boarding schools. Getting home after school would require a more than 10km walk for most of the pupils, only to arrive at their homes that most lack of electricity to be able to study after school or are too poor to be able to provide 3 meals a day for their kids.

That is why staying in ESMABAMA’s boarding schools is the only way to guarantee education – and 3 meals a day – for these children. With limited resources guaranteeing a health diet for these 2,000 kids is challenging. They eat a mash of corn flour and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day.

Would you eat the same thing over and over again, 365 days a year?

We are committed to improving the diet of these 2,200 children so that they can study and thrive.

Our Impact


Children benefited