Despite the disadvantages brought by Covid19, we don’t lose our hope. We’re increasing our effort and working on (more) new water pump bikes.

A promise is a debt – therefore, we don’t give up – we already have new water pump bikes for the farmers in Mozambique, being able to start the growing season, fighting against hunger in the dry season.

Getting a bike is a great joy, isn’t it? Anyone can do sport or have a ride… Yet, in Mozambique, they mean greater happiness:  a whole family has a meal thanks to a water

pump bike! In every opportunity that Mozambicans have to face the challenge of producing their own food their well-being is ensured; they are proclaiming food sovereignty.

To help them, we are working on 17 new water pump bikes – which means a total of 258 of them had been already delivered; 15 are going to Mangunde and 10 to Estaquinha. Moreover, this year we are setting up a repair shop there.

A greater food security

After the corn harvest, Mozambicans will be able to grow vegetables, having a richer diet with varied food, guarantying greater food security.

Our experts are supporting families to improve irrigation in May, the dry season.

Currently, Luis and Felipe are the experts in charge of distribution, installation, and technical assistance of the water pump bikes in Mangunde, and Filimone and Sete in Estaquinha. Our immediate goal is to train women to be part of the work team very soon.

Once the water pump bikes are installed, four experts visit the places monthly to support the families in agricultural issues, training them and recollecting data of the season.

We really want to support them. We need your help to do it!

Translated by Julieta

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